Keane’s Perfect Symmetry

Keane’s third album, Perfect Symmetry, is a breath of fresh air for Keane fans. The band managed to maintain their classic pop style while giving the piano ballads a rest. Pumped up with synthesizers and quickened tempos, Perfect Symmetry is a great album for Keane fans and new listeners alike.
I know that the sounds of the synth have been rather exploited recently by pop music (everyone misses the 80s apparently), but it works for Keane.
This new electrical side to Keane’s sound mixes well with their vocals and genuine musicality.
The lyrics of this album are still as catchy as ever, and listeners still can’t help but to sing along. The biggest difference between Perfect Symmetry and past Keane albums is now you’ll find yourself tapping your foot and maybe even dancing by yourself when listening to this third album.
However, for those of us who do appreciate those slow classic Keane songs that fill our hearts with musical joy, don’t get too worried. The title track and the album’s final song, “Love is the End,” deliver those piano infused, smooth and connected sounds that we adore.
Perfect Symmetry is a perfect mix of new and old, innovation and classical form.

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