Lambda Lambda Lambda and…

The Omega Moos, a jamband amalgamation of Umphrey’s McGee and The New Deal, made a stop at The Canopy Club last night as part of their four-date long tour.
Chicago band The Hue opened for The Omega Moos, providing an energetic set of aggressive rock. It’s difficult to decide if The Hue is a prog-rock influenced jamband, or a jamband influenced prog-band, but regardless, their style is truly unique while retaining somewhat of a refreshing familiarity. Their near-hour long set was relentless in attack and barely slowed down long enough for you catch your breath. With such a powerful set, The Hue provided a performance that the Moos would have to work hard to top.
Whether they did or not is subjective; but what is certain is that The Omega Moos brought two sets of great covers coupled with impeccable improvisation, performing classic songs from Genesis, The Police, Foreigner, and even Led Zeppelin. Playing for a comfortably crowded Canopy Club, The Moos sets were kept fully danceable thanks to the tight drumming of Darren Shearer and the gratuitous amounts of slap-bass from Ryan Stasik. On top of that, guitarist Brendan Bayliss and keyboardist Jamie Shields played off one another to an endless degree of intricacy. Ending their second set with the famous song from the talent show scene of “Revenge of the Nerds,” the Moos then returned for an encore ultimately ending the night with A Flock of Seagulls’ “I Ran.”
Both the band and the audience seemingly enjoyed themselves, and for good reason. The Omega Moos exude a carefree, fun attitude on stage that permeates throughout the entire audience creating a positive concert experience.

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