LPD Artist Highlight: Joe Pug

The idea of the lone man and his guitar has been a beloved icon in music for decades, and this holds true for Joe Pug. The singer-songwriter’s story of success is one of inspiration for all musicians. Pug quit school in North Carolina the day before his senior year of school as a playwright and came to Chicago. He hadn’t played guitar for years, but began writing songs using a play he had been writing for ideas. After starting over in Chicago, Pug began playing and recording with a fan base growing fast. By giving away sampler CDs absolutely free on his website, his music was able to reach people through an ever growing network of fans. Soon Pug was touring with acts like Josh Ritter and playing for audiences as large as the crowd at Lollapalooza, all of this before even releasing his first full-length album.

With two EPs and his debut album, just released in March, Joe Pug’s Dylan-esque folk songs are no stranger to Champaign-Urbana. He has being featured at Pygmalion Music Festival, playing multiple times at the Canopy Club, and frequenting the WPGU airwaves (both in studio and on recordings), the area has apparently become one of Pug’s favorites.

It is well-worth is to pick up Joe Pug’s first album, Messenger, to fulfill that need for folksy sing-songwriter ever young music listener has in their heart. Be sure to check out all the bands at WPGU’s Laughing Prairie Dog Festival on Saturday, May 8th! Here’s the lineup:

Joe Pug
Yourself and the Air
New Ruins

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