MARINA – “Purge the Poison”

Marina Diamandis’ new single “Purge the Poison” is a hard-hitting, guitar-driven track that has fans eager to hear the singer’s fifth studio album Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land, set to arrive on June 11th. It’s been two years since the release of Love + Fear, Marina’s fourth studio album which left many fans disappointed. While Love + Fear was a much more mature piece, the music simply did not match the boldness of Marina’s previous albums, such as Electra Heart and The Family Jewels, that fans still cherish to this day 10 years after their release. “Purge the Poison,” however, has caught the attention of many fans for its old school Marina sound.

What makes “Purge the Poison” such a captivating track is how its honest, dark commentary on the current state of the world is mixed with catchy pop beats. Throughout the track Marina calls out many shortcomings of society, “Need to purge the poison, show us our humanity / All the bad and good, racism and misogyny / Nothing’s hidden anymore, capitalism made us poor / God, forgive America for every single war.” Marina forces the listener to reflect on how the world has changed over the past year.

The strongest part of the song is the chorus. It’s extremely catchy and Marina sings from Mother
Nature’s point of view. Marina writes how Mother Nature is needed to purge the poison from
society that humans have caused, “Need to purge the poison from our system / Until human
beings listen / Tell me, who’d you think you are? / It’s your own decision / But your home is now
your prison / You forgot that without me, you won’t go far.”

Marina’s catchy, captivating sound combined with her haunting lyrics make this a standout track for her. If the rest of her upcoming album, Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land, matches the style of this track, the album could easily become just as iconic as Electra Heart.

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