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It’s around the month of February when everyone gets the winter blues, and it can feel like spring will never come. It’s the month that is supposed to be the foundation of the blossoming season, but why is it always filled with snow and dead grass? With the temperatures staying in what feels like the sub-zeros, here’s some songs that will make spring feel a little closer. Maybe you can bump up that thermostat while you listen to these spring budded tunes.

1. Bill Withers – “Lovely Day”

Spring is about good vibes and some growth that just couldn’t happen during the winter. Whether it’s finally starting that workout regimen or simply having a better outlook on life, Bill Withers can help you out with the song “Lovely Day.” Even if it doesn’t look like spring out, you can still have a lovely day.

2. The Boy Least Likely To – “Be Gentle With Me”

Another pick me up song is The Boy Least Likely To’s “Be Gentle With Me.” Singer Jof Owen has a child-like voice, which is a nod towards the themes of spring. The cute bells remind me of a flower bud that you should be gentle with.

3. Spazzkid – “Getting to Know You”

Spazzkid is an independent electronic artist who grew up in the Philippines and all of his songs are fresh and innovative, especially with the samples that he chooses to mix with. In the spirit of being fresh and fun, here is a song that will go along nicely with the theme of new beginnings.

4. Father John Misty – “Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)”

I recently did a review on this album, and while as a whole a wouldn’t really put it in the category of spring since it’s rather heavy and sounds like the album came from a lot of relationship baggage. However, it might be a form of spring-cleaning for Father John Misty here. This is the most uplifting song on the album.

5. Amy Winehouse – “(There is No) Greater Love”

Possibly the best album by Amy, the Frank album often goes overlooked, which is a shame since it has such gems like this song. It’s a mellow song, good for when the nights start to get a little warmer, and this rendition is slightly slower, but at the same time more modern and uplifting

6. Noah and the Whale – “Blue Skies”

How can you have a spring playlist without the uplifting band Noah and the Whale. This song will help you get out of your winter blues and even when you want to sit in your bed all day because it’s cold out, “This is a song for anyone/who can’t get out of bed.” The blue skies of warmer weather are coming.

7. The 1975 – “Facedown”

If you didn’t see WPGU’s Valentine’s Day playlist, first, you should check it out, and second, you’ll see that my music crush is The 1975. So in the spirit of the New Year and perhaps a spring fling, maybe 2015 will be the year I marry the entire band. This song from their breakout album is a rather hopeful song. Maybe they’re trying to tell me something…

8. 10cm – “Talk”

This Korean acoustic duo (named after the height difference between the two) has uplifting, catchy songs, that I can’t understand the lyrics to, but it sounds fun. Their style has an airy quality to it that goes with the possibility of change in the coming season and that nothing is permanent.

9. Jeff Bernat – “If You Wonder”

I was going to steer away from the topic of love, but how can you when love is about to blossom? This simple and cute song showcases Bernat’s smooth and pretty groovy style. He’s trying a genre that not everyone can dig, but he certainly performs it in a new light.

10. Surfer Blood – “I’m Not Ready”

Even though the EP Tarot Classics wasn’t received very well, I still think all the songs from it are dang catchy, including this song. Florida’s own Surfer Blood is here to remind you to let go of the people in your life who are holding you back because you “don’t have to hold on anymore.” Soon you’ll be ready to start Spring off on the right foot.

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