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Electronic music with female vocals

Imagined Herbal Flows ft. CYN – “Waves”

1. Imagined Herbal Flows is a downtempo artist from Washington D.C. named Ben Gorvine. Gorvine collaborated with CYN aka Cynthia for his Floating EP on the track “Waves.” CYN is from suburban Michigan; her successful collaborations with artists like Galamatias and Probcause have got her music playing from Chicago to L.A. CYN plans to release her first EP in 2016. I suggest checking out her songs “No More Hesitation” and “Something” on Soundcloud if you like this track.

2. G, Genevieve – “Outer Space”

Genevieve Schatz is the former lead singer of the Chicago band, Company of Thieves. Since 2014 she has been singing and songwriting solo under the name Genevieve. Genevieve released her debut EP Show Your Colors in March of 2015 containing five pop tracks. G, also known as Jimmy Giannopoulos is a side project. Giannopoulos produces for artists like LOLAWOLF as well.

3. Made in Heights – “Murakami”

Kelsey Bulkin and producer Sabzi joined forces to create the duo Made in Heights in 2010. Sabzi is also known for his work in the music groups Blue Scholars and Common Market as well as a bit of producing for Das Racist. The song “Murakami” is based off the famous Japanese author, Haruki Murakami. Murakami is known for his surreal novels filled with parallel worlds and magical realism; Made in Heights gives off that dreamy, glitchy vibe as well.

4. Chrome Sparks, Steffaloo – “All There Is”

Steffaloo’s solo music ranges from pop-electronic to indie singer-songwriter. Chrome Sparks is a synth producer from Brooklyn, New York. The two came together for a collaboration of female vocals over electronica beats for the album My <3 in 2011. Steffaloo and Chrome Sparks created two songs together for that album. The other song by the duo is called “Miss You.”

5. Break Science, Sonya Kitchell – “Breath of Space”

Break Science is made up of Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee. They incorporate drums with electronic synthesizers to create a mix of hip-hop, glitch, and funk. Break Science has collaborated with 50-Cent, Redman, MF Doom, Talib Kweli, and Jurassic 5. Sonya Kitchell, on her own, creates basically the opposite of Break Science’s music. Kitchell is an unsigned folk singer-songwriter. She features on Herbie Hancock’s Grammy winning album River: The Joni Letters.

6. Mr. Gnome – “The Way”

Mr. Gnome includes Nicole Barille, singer and guitarist, and Sam Meister, drummer and pianist. Together they create “spectral sounds swirling in and out of other-worldly themes.” Kevin McMahon of the Walkmen, Titus Andronicus, Swans, and Real Estate engineers the sound for Mr. Gnome as well. The duo has made 7 albums together and continues to tour across the U.S. to share their music.

7. Sales – “Toto (XXYYXX Remix)”

Sales creates pop-music with catchy lyrics and guitar riffs. Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih formed Sales in 2013 in Orlando, Florida. Their debut EP was released in 2014. XXYYXX is an experimental electronic producer. XXYYXX is also from Orlando, Florida. XXYYXX has a large indie music following so his remix for the track “Toto” sparked popularity for Sales. Some other great tracks by Sales are “Getting it on” and “Renee.”

8. Anna of the North – “Sway”

Anna of the North is a Norway native who creates alternative pop music. Her dreamy voice and hypnotizing beat in “Sway” makes for a beautiful tune. The popular DJ duo The Chainsmokers remixed “Sway,” increasing Anna of the North’s popularity. Anna of the North does not have many songs released but some others are “Undervann” and “The Dreamer.”

9. Jon Hopkins, Purity Ring – “Breathe this Air”

Jon Hopkins is a producer and musician from the United Kingdom who focuses on creating electronica music. His 2013 album Immunity featured the song “Breathe this Air” with no vocals. Jon Hopkins collaborated with the future-pop duo, Purity Ring, to create a lyrical version of the song. Purity Ring’s Megan James’ voice and a bit of glitchy, heavy bass added to the wordless version created a more upbeat-electronica song.

10. Tokimonsta, Gavin Turek – “Darkest (Dim)”

Jennifer Lee, aka Tokimonsta, is a producer/DJ. Since 2008, she has created 3 albums, 5 EPs, and has remixed many songs by artists ranging from Hundred Waters to Justin Timberlake. She is like a female Flying Lotus. She has a keen sense for how to mix indie, electronic, R&B, and dance music. Gavin Turek is an indie, electro pop singer-songwriter. Tokimonsta and Turek created the album You’re Invited in 2015 with 7 tracks after they realized the masterpieces they were able to create on Tokimonsta’s EP Creature Dreams and album Half Shadows. Some other majestic songs by the pair are “Little Pleasures,” “Grace,” “Never Alone,” and “Breath Strokes.”

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