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Let’s face it, there has been a lot of great alternative music coming out in the last few years. Of course many of us know the alt songs that have turned into hits, but there are so many more gems to be discovered. This week’s Monday Mixer is a list of songs that I feel should get real recognition for being a part of the beautiful tapestry that is modern alternative music. People who have not heard the songs on this list should definitely go and take a listen. Others who have heard them before should take a trip down memory lane and listen again.

1. The 1975 – “Fallingforyou”

This song is one that is guaranteed to give you the chills. Driving in the late night summer air has never had such an intimate theme song. In my opinion, The 1975 channels their best vibes on this song because its textures are filled with such blanketing darkness that it feels eternally comfortable.

2. Vacationer – “Good As New”

Vacationer delivers exactly as promised by the title of this song, “[Feeling] Good as New”. The tropical-oldies feel of this song is the essential setting for this happiness anthem. Anyone needing a pick-me-up after a break-up is sure to feel much better after diving into this song. Even if you’re enjoying life with someone at the moment, Vacationer gives happy couples a song that both people can identify with.

3. Panama Wedding – “Uma”

Whoever Uma is should be positively flattered by this song. Panama Wedding is pretty great at what they do but “Uma” is some of their best work. Listeners get a real sense that Uma is someone great to know. Its always a magical experience when songwriting can connect with listeners like that.

4. Skylar Spence – “Affairs”

Not only is “Affairs” a wonderful song but it also somehow manages to make a breakup song feel not so melancholy. The sounds and textures of the song are very smooth in a way that blends the lyrics with a positive tone. Also, Skylar Spence is a really good artist overall if I might add.

5. St. Lucia – “Elevate”

I’ll have to admit St. Lucia is one of my favorite alternative acts right now. It should be no surprise that I think St. Lucia’s “Elevate” is an absolute gem. It’s a festive long song that feels uniquely futuristic in tone. “Elevate” is the perfect song to play for someone who has never listened to St. Lucia before.

6. The Wombats – “Be Your Shadow”

Its not that often that I find song that is just plain ol’ fun, but The Wombats’ “Be Your Shadow” is one of the few. This song may be about a guy who can’t let a girl go but listeners won’t have a care in the world when they listen to it. I have to applaud The Wombats for channeling 1980s sounds into something really cool in the present.

7. Darwin Deez – “You Can’t Be My Girl”

I could have written an entire article about how great Darwin Deez is but I’ll spare you the details and tell you about what I consider to be his best song, “You Can’t Be My Girl.” Darwin Deez brings his slightly awkward, comedic style to a great song about a girl that is just too much to handle. Just like the rest of his music, this song is not afraid to be zany yet awesome with its offbeat rhythm and unapologetic criticism of a girl out of control.

8. Miami Horror – “All It Ever Was”

This is one of those songs that deserves to be at the end of a movie. It’s happy, blissful feeling gives you the sense that everything that has been negative in the past is over and done with. Miami Horror also brings their euphoric sound of passion to this song and definitely delivers.

9. Walk The Moon – “Work This Body”

Who knew that Walk the Moon could produce such a great workout song? “Work This Body” should be on everyone’s gym playlist. This song’s peppy, fun sound will have you bouncing off of the walls. Not only is it great for the gym but it also works as great song for the alarm clock in the morning; that is, of course, if you want to wake up in the most energetic way possible.

10. Betty Who – “High Society”

For anyone dreaming of a luxurious life with their significant other, this is going to be your favorite song. Betty Who perfectly articulates how great it would be to be a rich couple in love. Betty Who’s “High Society” is a very unique celebration that can leave anyone feeling optimistic.

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