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If you are anything like me, you pretty much commit yourself to setting aside as much time as necessary to successfully watch the entire Super Bowl every year (even if Da Bears did not make it. Maybe next year?). So this past Sunday was no exception and as a lover of football and music I had to say I was much more inspired by the halftime show’s musical guests than the lackluster game itself. So whether you are just that person who watches it for the commercials or even just in it for a good time, it’s hard to deny doing at least something for this most American time of year. This week’s Monday Mixer includes songs that are all about channeling all the good energy and all sorts of feels from the most wonderful, joyous day of all major sporting events.

1. Drake and Future – “Jumpman”
I will admit that ever since I first heard “Hotline Bling,” Drake’s songs have been on constant repeat for me. It is one of those phases that should have been over months ago. Currently it is still going as strong as ever. Like many songs by Drake this is not even remotely profound but it gives an honorable shout out to the beautiful city I am from, “Chi-town chi-town Michael Jordan just said text me.” Hearing this on repeat definitely keeps the vibes and energy high.

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Can’t Stop”
Just the opening alone of this song reminds me of the perfect walk-up song for any distinguished baseball player since ya know the 2016 season will be here soon enough. Even so, it is definitely one of those songs that can be quite addictive and almost impossible not to sing along to.

3. Foo Fighters – “All My Life”
Anyone who has ever been to an Illini football game at least once has probably heard this song. Even if not, there is just something about this early Foo Fighters songs that channels the vibes from my inner grungy and alternative side.

4. Albert Hammond Jr – “Side Boob”
This is one of the highest energy songs I have ever heard and I very much appreciate the great spirits it puts me in. I can honestly say I love it from beginning to end whether it be for the fast paced liveliness of the guitar or how irrelevant the song title is to the actual words of the song.

5. The White Stripes – “Seven Nation Army”
Any sports related playlist that excludes this song is pretty much a fail all by itself. This classic White Stripes song is almost always played in large football stadiums as a way to pump up the home crowd. Rabid sports fans and team members alike know that not even a seven nation army could hold them back from victory over the opposing team.

6. Foo Fighters – “The Pretender”
I am partially biased to include this song because on my usual playlist it is the one that can be on repeat the most for a very long time. I think it’s an absolutely perfect song that could be used if the NFL players ever decided they need to have a Walk Up song.

7. The Strokes – “I Can’t Win”
As a dedicated Strokes and Julian Casablancas fan I am obligated to include at least one of their songs in my playlist. This song is most fitting for this list because of its title. Yet, at the same time its irresistible charm is what makes it a great sing-a-long.

8. Drake – “Back to Back”
I just couldn’t resist including this other Drake track because of how addicting it is. It is also just another of those empowering Drake songs that makes a special shout out to all the haters. Most importantly, its sentiments and the vibes resonate with the way I feel after the team I root for during the Super Bowl L loses (Sorry panthers).

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