Monday Mixer

With winter almost ending (hopefully), everyone is in sort of a slump. During my winter slump, quiet, acoustic songs always brighten my day a little bit. Here is a playlist of songs that I have enjoyed during this season.

1. Saint Valentine by Gregory Alan Isakov

This song always gets me. The full orchestra in the background is beautiful, which to me truly drives the song.

2. Death with Dignity by Sufjan Stevens

I’ve become a fan of the new show “This Is Us” and this song is frequently used throughout the series. Even though the show rips my heart out time and time again, I have to say their soundtrack is pretty steady with great acoustic, gentle songs.

3. I’ll Be Gone By Winter by C Duncan

When I first heard C Duncan, this is the first song I heard. “I’ll Be Gone By Winter” sounds exactly like a church hymnal to me for some reason and for even weirder reasons, I find that comforting.

4. Lonely Is A Lifetime by The Wild Feathers

The way “Lonely Is A Lifetime” opens is what sells the song for me. A solo vocal opening is risky but rewarding when done right. The Wild Feathers knows how to use vocal talent and how to slowly mix in instrumentation.

5. The Ocean and the Sea by Wilderado

Like the other songs of this playlist, “The Ocean and the Sea” knows how to rely on vocal performance and acoustic instrumentation in the background. Although not quiet and calm throughout the entire song, Wilderado does an expert job of building up to the climax of the song, so that the addition of heavy drums is not a total surprise.

6. Lung by Vancouver Sleep Clinic

A slow build of a song, “Lung” is unique and fits perfectly for one of those moody, winter days.

7. How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep by Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club is a group that I have followed since high school. “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep” will always be a song I enjoy, maybe because of how it opens, the use of guitar or the unique use of vocalization. I can’t pinpoint why I love this song, but it’ll always be great on any acoustic playlist.


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