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The greatest thing about music festivals is that you get to see bands that you absolutely love, and in the same day you get the chance to discover new music as well. Pitchfork Music Festival ended just yesterday night, and I left with a few songs stuck in my head. Here they are, songs from some bands I know and love, and a few that are new for me but are just as good.

1. ”Gimme A Reason” — Outer Minds

There is no better way to kick off a Chicago music festival than with some quality, homegrown music. Outer Minds are just that. Quality music, and a fun live show as well. It involved confetti and party poppers.

Listen Here:

2. “Evening’s Kiss” — Willis Earl Beal

Also from Chicago is Willis Earl Beal. He’ll be at Pygmalion this year, and I would not recommend missing him. His voice is penetrating and on stage theatrics very entertaining. And it’s as If he came out of nowhere.

Listen Here:

3. “Young Hearts Spark Fire” — Japandroids

Polyvinyl favorites Japandroids tore it up at their Pitchfork set with their hard-hitting noise rock. Memorize these words so the next time you see their high-energy show, you can sing along.

Listen Here:

4. “Gun Has No Trigger” — The Dirty Projectors

I wasn’t sure if I liked Dirty Projectors or not until I heard their latest album, released just last week, Swing Lo Magellan. It’s fantastic music made by talented people. Oh, and they’ll be at Pygmalion this fall too!

Listen Here:

5. “Stay Useless” — Cloud Nothings

Although their Pitchfork set was unfortunately shortened due to rain, I still love this band and their music is still rad. I do hope they get another chance to play in Chicago or maybe Champaign-Urbana.

Listen Here:

6. “Daydream” –Youth Lagoon

I hadn’t heard much Youth Lagoon before I saw them at Pitchfork, but I really enjoyed how relaxed this music made me feel after a rough, action packed beginning of the day.

Listen Here:

7. “Glass Tambourine” — Wild Flag

Surprisingly few people know that the girl from their favorite sketch comedy series Portlandia is actually Carrie Brownstein, formerly of Sleater-Kinney and presently of Wild Flag, and that acting is secondary for her. Rocking out comes first. Rocking out hard.

Listen Here:

8. “Enemy Destruct” — Thee Oh Sees

Rumor has it that San Francisco garage-psych rock group Thee Oh Sees, fronted by John Dwyer is a notoriously fun band to see live. I can definitely verify that.

Listen Here:

9. “Tell Me What’s Inside Your Heart” — Ty Segall

To see lo-fi mainstay Ty Segall live is a treat, because not only is it the most fun you will have had in a long time, but the energy exerted but just Ty himself is enough to blow you away.

Listen Here:

10. “Gila” — Beach House

I cannot get this guitar riff out of my head. It is such a beautiful melody and with rich vocals from Victoria Legrand, this song is perfect.

Listen Here:

11. “Cousins” — Vampire Weekend

Surely you won’t mind an eleventh song from a music staffer who could not decide which one to leave out. Especially if that song is by Vampire Weekend, who closed out Pitchfork Sunday night. This was the first song they played, and it also happens to be my favorite. Surrounded by dancing, singing music fans was the perfect note on which to end the fest.

Listen Here:

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