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The longer version of this Monday Mixer’s title is: Songs to Walk Down a Leaf-Littered Street To. Poetic, I know. Consider this a collection of songs to enhance your experience while trampling down the orange, yellow, and red covered sidewalks during these last October days. Yes, the chill fall playlist has been done, but I promise, there are a few curve balls in here to keep you frolicking with the squirrels.


1. Chemicals – Elsinore


Elsinore is one of the many amazing local groups Champaign-Urbana has to offer. No matter how many times you listen to this song on the way to class, you will fight the impulse to flamboyantly sing along almost (who am I kidding…definitely) every time.



2. Strange Love – Sonny & The Sunsets


“Strange Love” suits this season because it echoes the nostalgic vintage quality of all the instagrammed fall photos flooding our digital lives. But in all seriousness, Sonny & The Sunsets do have that amazing old-pop sound that flawlessly marries with the crisp fall sunshine.



3. Run From the Gun – Dead Confederate


While you sip on your cider or hot chocolate or ridiculous pumpkin-flavored whatevers cozy up to this. “Run From the Gun” will fill that dark-country-rock shaped hole in your heart (yes, everyone has one of those).




4. Breeze – XXYYXX


Remember how I promised you some curve balls? These beats are brought to you by XXYYXX, a 16 year old producer from Florida whose music has been getting more and more attention. From his name and description you might expect something obnoxious but this guy is anything but. “Breeze” is actually a remix of alt-J’s awesome track “Breezeblocks.” Give this a listen and bump to it in the autumn sun.



5. Dead Sea – The Lumineers


With the sweetest season you must listen to one of the sweetest songs. Wailing along to “Dead Sea” will make you feel whole. Or perhaps terribly lonely. Either way it is the perfect way to spend a drive around campus when it’s looking all fall-tastic.




6. Probable Cause – Why?


Why? was featured in our last Monday Mixer, but they are too damn good to leave out. “Probable Cause” is a song from Yoni Wolf & Co’s EP Sod in the Seed, released this past summer. As you walk down the tree-lined streets let your imagination run with the stories they tell.




7. What’s In It For? – Avi Buffalo


Avi Buffalo consists of fairly young musicians and you can hear it in their sound and lyrics. In songs like “What’s In It For?” you get a taste of their smart yet still lovesick character that’ll transport you back to those autumn days of your teen years.



8. The River – Anathallo


I first heard “The River” a couple of years ago because they’re on the same label as Why? (Anticon Records). Female vocalist Erica Froman sings like a hummingbird, and in combination with an array of instrumental intricacies it’s perfectly whimsical for this time of year.



9. Only Son of the Ladiesman – Father John Misty


If you didn’t know, Joshua Tillman, former drummer of Fleet Foxes, also creates folky goodness under the name Father John Misty. “Only Son of the Ladiesman” is heard on Fear Fun, the first album he released under the new moniker. Like most songs off the album, he tells a strange story in “Only Son,” but he keeps you entertained, and let’s be real—Tillman’s warm voice could make a meatloaf recipe sound engaging.


10. Music to Walk Home By – Tame Impala


Tame Impala’s latest album Lonerism has been getting stellar reviews, and ”Music to Walk Home By” exemplifies this. Not only will it hit you with some electro-inspired psychedelic jams, but the title appropriately describes the intent of this playlist: kick up the leaves and enjoy this short-lived season.


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