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Since it is the last week of school before spring break, it’s almost time to forget about homework, tests, work, and all the other nonsense we deal with in our everyday lives. This playlist is full of jammin’ songs to get you pumped up for a whole week of freedom and it’s the perfect way to spark some serious head banging, sing-alongs, and dancing feet. Enjoy.

Rudimental feat. Ella Eyre – Waiting All Night

This song is a fairly new song and features powerful and beautifully impressive vocals from Ella Eyre. It has an electronic groove with some splashes of brass instruments and bongo drums, and when that fast pace chorus comes creeping in there is no escaping the beat. This song is guaranteed to have you grooving in no time.

Phantogram – Fall In Love

Off of their new album, Voices, Fall In Love is fun with unique rhythms and interjecting beats that plunge through the whole song. The first run through this song is a just series of surprises. Once you think you’ve figured out the pattern, it twists again somehow into a beautiful masterpiece of sound. This up-beat track has endless creative transitions and mash-ups that somehow ends up blending perfectly together to create another fulfilling jammer to add to the pump-up playlist.

Elton John – Crocodile Rock

Not only is this one of my favorite songs of all time, it’s also quite possibly the best song to bring back the most classic ‘60s dance moves to. Elton John is a legend and if he didn’t make it onto this playlist then life just wouldn’t make any sense. So sing along to this one because I know you know the words, and if you don’t, shame on you.

Foster The People – Helena Beat

As the opening song from their first album, Helena Beat never fails to put me in a good mood. This song not only will get you excited to have some serious fun and make crazy memories this Spring break, but it will also get you stoked for their new album coming out on March 18th, aka tomorrow! This album is perfect from start to finish, so we’ll see if the trio can find a way to top it with their new album, Supermodel.

Daryl Hall & John Oats – You Make My Dreams

This song is guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s day, and that is precisely why I am proud to say that it is it my alarm clock ringtone every morning. Maybe it’s their impeccable mullets or maybe it’s their undeniably catchy 80’s pop-groove (probably the mullets), this song is always a house favorite and the ultimate sing-along song.

Phil Beaudreau – Won’t Get Away

This is a brand new artist who just came out with his first album in 2014 and this song is easily one of my favorite songs out right now. It’s an indie-electro song that sort of reminds me a little bit of Miike Snow with the echoey vocals. It’s funky and the ultimate toe-tapper song. It also has a profound amount of cowbell in it, so there really isn’t much else you need to know at this point. Check it out; you’ll thank me later.

Temples – Shelter Song

This song is on here precisely because it sounds like The Beatles or early Pink Floyd and no one can hate on that mixture. It’s refreshing to know that some bands are still sticking to the roots of rock’n’roll in 2014. Everything that is old is new again and I love it. This is some psychedelic rock and is the part of the playlist where you need a cool down from the nonstop jamming in the first six songs.

Haim – If I could Change Your Mind

This song is on here in honor of the new release of Haim’s gippy dance routine music video for this song and it is ridiculously great. The three sisters created a fun-loving song with an ‘80s pop-infected sound that gives off one message and one message only: it’s time to dance.


The whole CHVRCHES album has become a complete addiction but I always find this song to be endlessly stuck in my head. There is an industrial vibe with a slow, heavy synth drumbeat that becomes embedded in your head and somehow leaves a memorable mark against all the other bands revolving around synthesizers these days.

Yuno – Sunlight

This song is the ultimate springtime song. It’s magical and perfect and it’s nothing but bliss from beginning to end. It’s quite possibly the only song ever created by Yuno and quite frankly I don’t think they even need to create anything else because nothing will top the flawlessness that encompasses Sunlight. If you ever need a pick-me-up, this is the song for you.

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