Pygmalion 2013 – Festival Preview


We’re up burning the midnight oil tonight to get you guys our Pygmalion 2013 festival preview.  Pyg is easily the biggest music event every year for Champaign-Urbana, and next weekend (September 26th-28th) it will be taking both towns by storm.  For more info, visit their website here.  This is who we’re excited for, if you were wondering:

Kishi Bashi – Saturday – 7:50 – 8:30 – Highdive Outdoor Stage 2

As a classically trained violinist, Kishi Bashi definitely stands out amongst the headliners this year at Pygmalion. I first discovered him when he opened for Sondre Lerche at Lincoln Hall in 2011, and I have been following his career ever since. Bashi’s music is a sensory override of intricate vocal loops and some of the best improvisation I’ve ever witnessed. Be sure to catch his set, he’s definitely an artist to watch.

Written by Diana Czarny

The 92’s – Thursday – 9:15-9:45 – Krannert Art Museum

Local band The 92’s are a must-see for anyone looking to rock out and on a budget (they’re free). Lead by front man Dan Durley (Illini Media’s very own), this foursome promises an honest and fun old time, with foot tapping beats and catchy melodies sometimes reminiscent of Wilco and/or Weezer. After seeing them twice in Chicago last summer – at both Hardrock Cafe AND the Taste of Chicago – it’ll be great to have them back in the CU.

Written by Lise Graham

The Head And The Heart – Thursday – 9:30-11 – Krannert Performing Arts Center

I am definitely am most excited to see The Head and the Heart. I saw them back in Chicago when they opened for Iron and Wine; notably my favorite opener I have yet to see. Don’t miss this chance to get a sneak peek at their new album “Let’s Be Still”. The album won’t be released until a few weeks after the show, but let’s be honest, they won’t be able to help themselves.

Written by Daniel Szoke

Kurt Vile and the Violators – Thursday – 10:00-11:15 – Downtown Urbana Stage

I’m excited for Kurt Vile, who will be playing with his backing band, the Violators, at Downtown Urbana on the Friday of the festival. He’s touring to promote his fifth solo album, Walkin on a Pretty Daze. His low-fi, laid-back songs are perfect for any time of the year, so his set should be worth checking out.

Written by Claire Schroeder

The Dirty Feathers – Thursday – 10:30 – 11 – Canopy Club

Filth. Psychedelica. The Dirty Feathers. During my short time in the C U area I have always been one step behind the feathers, never seeing their show. But when listening to songs like “If You’re Love is a Drug”, you feel the band right in front of you, not lost in 30 layers of editing. If the Dirty Feathers were a car, the break line would be cut, voluntarily. They are large in numbers and large in sound. Their half hour set at 10:30pm Thursday night is a must see. You don’t have any plans Thursday… Go see The Dirty Feathers.

Written by Sean Rowader

Metz – Friday – 11:15 (pm) – 12:15 (am) – Independent Media Center

Canadian noise rock trio, Metz, made waves last year with their debut self-titled album. It’s an album stuffed with riffs played at neck-breaking speeds and plenty of guitar fuzz. Their live set is sure to be explosive and with Foxygen out of the festival, you now have no excuse to miss this show.

Written by Eric Holmes

The Breeders – Friday – 12:30 (am) – 2 (am) – Canopy Club

While Kim Deal has been the only continuous member of the band over the years, the main lineup that recorded Last Splash are touring together again to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album. Some people have a problem with older bands getting together to take advantage of the opportunity to play for nostalgic audiences. Since I was too young to see the main lineup live, I have no issues with it. It might be my last chance.

Written by Stan Polanski

Elsinore – Saturday – 2:10-2:40 – Highdive Outdoor Stage 2

Elsinore has been promoting their new album, PUSH/PULL, due out October 15th, for some time now. Expect Ryan Groff and co. to take advantage of the opportunity to play to the Pygmalion crowd and give us one of their best shows of the year. If you’ve seen them, you know that they are a band that loves to play to a home crowd. This is a show noone should miss.

Written by Joe Winner

On An On – Saturday – 2:50-3:20 – Highdive Outdoor Stage 1

I’m most excited for the indie trio, On An On. The band consists of three former members of the indie-pop band Scattered Trees. As they perform their masterpiece debut album titled Give In, get ready to fall in love with their mellow vocals and flawless airy synths. This is On An On’s first time playing in Champaign and they will, without a doubt, win over the whole crowd over at Pygmalion

Written by Mandy Rodio

Psychic Twin – Saturday – 4:50-5:20 – Highdive Outdoor Stage 2

I saw Psychic Twin last year at Mike & Molly’s shortly before band leader, Erin Fein, moved out of the Champaign area to New York City. Their show might have been the best local show I have ever seen. Expect the psychadelic elect-pop act to come back to Champaign with a one of the best and most fun shows of the weekend.

Written by Joe Winner








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