Robb Bank$ and Wifisfuneral: The Conn3ct3d Tour

2.7.19 –

As a part of their CONN3CT3D Tour, Florida rappers Robb Banks and Wifisfuneral stopped by the Canopy Club for a wild and energetic rap show. As co-headliners, both artists took the stage at the same time, often times performing songs together, and other times trading verses from their own respective songs. They also served as each others hype-man and support, which was an interesting and refreshing dynamic when it comes to hip-hop concerts. Both Banks and Wifisfuneral share a modern, aggressive, and uniquely homemade sound that’s popular among the Florida hip-hop scene, but clearly their sound has travelled all the way to Champaign as well. The Canopy Club red room was filled with excited fans who were hanging onto their every word.

As is typical for performances in the Soundcloud genre, the focus of the performance was not so much on the music itself, but about how the music made you feel. Robb Banks and Wifisfuneral specialize in making the crowd jump and mosh together, and that’s exactly what went down. It was a good thing concerts like these are also on the shorter end, because so much energy is given the whole entire concert it’s a challenge keeping up. Only 30 minutes after their first song, they performed their last, and quickly directed everyone over to the merch table where they were also taking pictures and chatting with fans. No matter the instagram followers they had, or the “clout” they had, they were still very open and warm towards their fans. One thing that I picked up is that no matter what they look like on the internet, everyone at the red room that night was the same, all there to have a dance to music and have a good time.