Silversun Pickups, Against Me & Passion Pit fill out the holiday weekend

Weekend of the 4th of July is always an exciting time for friends and family. Barbecues and fireworks usually fill the weekend with excitement and fun with lots of people. This weekend was filled with festivities due to the Taste of Chicago, as well as other concerts in the area throughout the weekend. Luckily, I got to make my way around to a few of the shows in the area and got a glimpse of some great acts in music today.

Silversun Pickups were the headlining band of a bill that grouped them with power-punk rock band Against Me!, which brought for an exciting watch at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. Against Me! chugged through their set, hardly taking any breaks between songs and nailing most of them right on the head. Although their set was filled with mostly new tracks from their most recent release White Crosses, the band didn’t fail to disappoint. Showing off the new material, they opened with the title track of the new record, as well as other standouts “White People for Peace” and “Stop!” from their breakout 2007 record New Wave. By including some back catalog songs such as “Pints of Guiness Make You Strong” and closing it out with set closer of “Sink, Florida, Sink”, the band mixed it up a bit and kept the crowd guessing. Certainly an enjoyable opening act for Silversun Pickups.

White Crosses
Pints of Guinness Make You Strong
Thrash Unreal
Rapid Decompression
I Was a Teenage Anarchist
High Pressure Low
Up The Cuts
White People For Peace
Bamboo Bones
New Wave
Sink, Florida, Sink

Silversun Pickups came on the stage and sounded huge. Their sound is very expansive and filled a venue such as Aragon extremely well and didn’t leave much breathing room. Even though the band only has two albums and an EP, they fill the set time very well. Highlights included the Carnavas standouts “Well Thought Out Twinkles” and “Little Lovers So Polite” and of course their fan-favorite “Lazy Eye” and “Panic Switch.” Although the band only has one guitarist, their sound is one that makes you wonder: where does it all come from? Their ability to utilize their assets in order to create that booming sound is remarkable and makes for a great concert.

Growing Old is Getting Old
Well Thought Out Twinkles
Sort Of
There’s No Secrets This Year
The Royal We
Little Lover’s So Polite
It’s Nice to Know You Work Alone
Future Foe Scenarios
Kissing Families
Catch & Release
Panic Switch
Lazy Eye
Three Seed
Common Reactor

Passion Pit closed out the holiday weekend in Grant Park with a set that lasted just over an hour, but kept the crowd excited and on their toes. Grant Park is always an interesting and fun place to see a show, so I knew we were all in for a treat. Lead by lead singer and the falsetto-driven vocals of Michael Angelakos, Passion Pit took the stage opening with “The Reeling”, which immediately got the crowd going. I thought it was an interesting choice to open because it’s one of their more popular songs, but enjoyed it nonetheless. Set highlights included Manners standout “Moth’s Wings” as well as “Let Your Love Grow Tall”. Fortunately, I’ve seen this band before, so a lot of the songs were just routine for me to watch, until the band covered the Cranberries “Dreams”. That was a definite highlight for the show, as Angelakos’ ability to hit those high notes gave the track a lot of feeling

The Reeling
I’ve Got Your Number
Better Things
Moth’s Wings
Swimming In The Flood
Let Your Love Grow Tall
Fold In Your Hands
Smile Upon Me
Little Secrets
Make Light
Dreams (Cranberries cover)

Overall, the weekend was filled with sun and music, which are always good combination when it comes to summer holiday weekends.

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