Summer for World’s First Flying Machine

As a large portion of the student population begins their exodus home for the summer from another year of academia, many of us wonder what will be left for the local music scene here on campus. This week, we get a chance to talk to some of Champaign—Urbana’s most active and upcoming bands of the past school year, hoping they will not leave the community hushed in silence without their music.
Playing their first show for CU in November, World’s First Flying Machine (WFFM) has quickly become a staple of the local music scene in their brief time playing together. What will they bring us next fall?
buzz: How did this year treat you guys?
Ben of WFFM: Pretty damn good. We just started out this year and got to play a lot together.
Brian of WFFM: Yeah our first show was November 28th and we’ve played a lot of shows since then.
buzz: Does any show stick out to you guys?
Ben: Our show at Memphis on Main was great. It was a really different atmosphere than any place we had played. There were lots of people and it was a really chill environment.
Brian: I liked the Indie vs. Hip Hop show. We opened up for Dark Meat. It was ridiculous in a good way.
buzz: What are your plans for the summer?
Ben: We don’t have any plans. We’re just going to go our separate ways and head home for the summer. I’m going to be a camp counselor for a couple months.
Brian: I’m going to Europe for a month.
Zane of WFFM: I’ll be in India for a month, too.
Brian: We’ll spread the word about World’s First Flying Machine throughout the world.
buzz: What can people look forward to when they come back to school in the fall?
Ben: We’re going to hit the ground running. Everyone seems a lot more comfortable with each other so we’ll be able to really focus. I want to sit down and record something next year.
buzz: You guys seem to experiment with a wide range of instruments. Are there any instruments you want to start incorporating into your songs?
Ben: I just got this $1 toy guitar that makes noise when you hit different buttons. It’s the coolest thing. I really want to start using that.

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