Summer in Sight: 3 Albums to Get You Ready for Summer 2021

Taking place in the midst of a global pandemic, Summer 2020 was a bust. We stayed inside, skipped hanging out with our friends, and questioned our entire beings. Summer 2021, however, looks to be more promising: the end of the pandemic is on the horizon with the rolling out of the vaccine, there is a chance to potentially see live music again, and everyone will be feeling new found freedom like never before. I can feel the anticipation for this summer in the air. The weather is starting to warm up and the end of the semester is quickly approaching. With summer in sight, here are three albums to get you excited for what looks to be the best summer of our lives.

Snail Mail – Lush

Snail Mail’s debut album, Lush, is the perfect album for summer. Featuring warm guitar melodies and relaxed vocal delivery, this album is sure to warm you up. So while you might still be stuck sitting in front of your computer in a Zoom class or sitting, spaced out, in a large lecture hall, turn on Lush to open summer in a series of songs.

Songs to Make You Sweat: ‘Pristine,’ ‘Heat Wave,’ and ‘Golden Dream’

Miss Universe – Nilüfer Yanya

Yet another sizzler, Miss Universe, the debut album from UK rocker Nilüfer Yanya is certainly going to make you feel the heat. Indie rock with a pop twist, Miss Universe is designed to be played driving in a car with your friends, windows rolled down. Pure fun and exciting to listen to, this album is sure to have you dreaming about the wild plans for summer.

Songs to Make You Sweat: ‘In Your Head,’ ‘Paradise,’ and ‘Baby Blu

Ti Amo – Phoenix

The latest album release from the French band known for summertime jams, Ti Amo is pure euphoria. Glistening with synths and muddied vocals, Ti Amo is sure to have you thinking about the poolside or the beach. Equally as charming as it is fun, this album is sure to tithe you over until you click submit on that last final.

Songs to Make You Sweat: ‘J-Boy,’ ‘Fleur de Lys,’ and ‘Tuttifrutti’

Summer is coming: the sun stays out, the trees are blossoming again, and droves of people are relaxing on the Quad. So while we still may have a month until the official release for summer, these albums will surely put you in the mood for Summer 2021–if you’re not already in it.

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