Tea & Sympathy

On a late summer afternoon, I can’t help but turn up Bernard Fanning’s album, Tea & Sympathy, much to my studious roommates’ dismay, I’m sure. This folk-rocker really knows how to strike that note ever-so-perfectly to make his listeners fall into that lap-slapping, head-bopping mode.

The album instills a feeling that Fanning himself describes in the first song on the CD: “It’s not so much that the thrill is gone/just a cleaner, sweeter,/brighter thrill has come along.” If you’re looking out for quality new-age folk singers, Bernard Fanning will not disappoint.

As the second song pours out of my stereo, Fanning echoes my very thoughts, “I love this, and I want more,” and again, twelve more times. As the last song ends and I finish this review, I am pushing repeat on my CD player to start it up again with Bernard Fanning’s Tea & Sympathy.

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