The Error House

Usually when word of a new venue for local and touring bands comes around, people think of a new bar like The Canopy or Mike and Molly’s. But, times are changing, and as making music becomes more and more independent, so do the methods with which we bring new artist’s to the public.
Champaign’s The Error House is a venue on the forefront of this mission. The venue is led by Nathan Landolt, originally from Highland, Ill., who has been playing his own music for the past seven years and is used to the stress of being in a touring band without venues to play. This, Landolt says, is one of the reasons why he and his five roommates decided to go into the venue production business and open up their home to both touring and local bands. Their desire to help build and connect CU’s music community has provided artists an outlet for their music, as well as a supportive social network to assist them for planning tours outside of CU.
The Error House, located at 505 Haines Blvd., is a yellow ranch-style home in a residential area of Champaign. The basement is primarily for electric acts, while the main room up-stairs is set up for acoustic shows. All the areas in the house are very well kept and offer a decent amount of space to enjoy the shows. In fact, Landolt and crew are looking forward for their concert-hall-home to be newly remodeled by July.
While the house only allows for a crowd of up to 75, the intimacy of the shows never mean for weak act lineups, and this is what makes the Error House a great place for music. Landolt’s home belongs to a network of self-run venues across the country, and the tenants make sure to bring in a variety of acts ranging from hardcore and grindhouse to indie and folk music. With shows scheduled at least every other week during the summer, the Error House has showcased acts such as Roberta Sparrow, Snowsera, and Landolt’s own 1999, as well as many other touring bands from out of town.
While not the typical CU venue, The Error House is full of opportunity for bands looking for a great, open, supportive place to play. While the shows may normally be under the CU music radar, it would be worth anyone’s time to check the house out for an intimate and personal show in the otherwise quiet residential area of Champaign.

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