The Right Now Stand Against Cheaters

The Right Now take a stand for all those curled up in blankets, eating chocolates, losing track of time, while welling up with tears from a romantic movie.  Singer Sefanie Berecz says no more to feeling sorry after being cheated on in their new LP Gets Over You.

The Chicago soul group recorded the whole album in only a week, so it shows how in sync this rhythm-driven band is.  For the most part Gets Over You is similar to their previous work.  The band’s sound seems to stand out, just because it seems so influenced by earlier groups.  I don’t mean that as a bad thing, but if I didn’t know better they sound like they could’ve been a band from my parents era of music.

Berecz has great range and a voice that could make an aspiring singer uninspired.  What makes her stand out to me is she doesn’t try to push herself, but focuses on finding the hooks that keep the relationship struggles in the audiences head after they drive home from a show.

The saxophone and trombone add versatility and seems to take the role of a lead guitar that many rock bands have.  In a track like “Tell Everyone the Truth,” a horn instrument dances along and layers in with the backup singers’ melody in the chorus.

Though the band makes an album for all those relationships that went bad, Gets Over You still has the same hopefulness of a relationship that is in full bloom.  In “I Can’t Speak For You,” the presence of an energized tambourine, clapping, and a catchy chorus all make me forget what the song is about. If there was an album made to inspire those broken-hearted souls, glancing down and wondering where the all the cookie dough ice cream from the container went, this album might be a must listen…

Rating: W — P — 1/2

Key Track: “Tell Everyone the Truth”, “He Used to Be”, and “I Can’t Speak for You”

RIYL: Betty Everitt, Cee-Lo Green, and Fitz and the Tantrums

Check out : “Nobody (Live)

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