The Rise of Bedroom Pop

A couple months ago, I stumbled upon a review for a new single from an up and coming artist, Grace Ives. The article associated the new track with a genre that I have seen thrown around recently: bedroom pop. The genre seems to have risen from the intimate space it’s associated with and into the spotlight. With the term being used so frequently, I started to wonder how to actually define it.

After a couple of quick Google searches and I found that bedroom pop is best applied to artists that have “a certain lo-fi, psychedelic-leaning sound”, that are independently minded, and whose music is personal (Pigeons&Planes, 2018). But why use the term “bedroom”?

With the help of the internet, new creators have been able to reach audiences from the comfort of their own rooms. Back in 2017, Clairo’s “Pretty Girl” music video (which was made in her bedroom), went viral. Artists are able to connect to their listeners through their intimate songs and Ethernet cords. This sort of authenticity is a breath of fresh air to many music lovers, including myself. Below, I’ve attached a playlist of some of my favorite bedroom pop tracks. Enjoy!

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