Weezer’s Red Album

Between the Village People look-a-like album cover and the suggestive lyrics sewn into Rivers rap debut, I was sure that the Red Album was all just a joke… on us.
As Weezer slips into their 40’s, Rogaine is much needed, and self reflection is necessary. The Red Album serves as a self-testimony to getting older. And as Weezer gets older they manage to acquire new fans with their catchy singles such as “Pork and Beans,” and lose their old fans for the same reason.
Weezer doesn’t want to “get with the program,” according to their new song “Dreamin”- the one track an original Weezer fan may enjoy most on the album.
The Blue Album and Pinkerton built a foundation on quirky guitar chords, humorous lyrics, and simplicity. These albums created the original recipe that gained Weezer their original fans. The Red Album sounds like the first attempt to salvage the original recipe. Unfortunately the sounds of the album could have been produced by any modern-day rock band.
The album features the many voices of Weezer- each member steps up to the mic to take a stab at vocals. But that knife is dull and I think we should leave vocals up to Rivers Cuomo. Bass Guitarist, Scott Schreiner, delivers the most “serious” rock performance in “Cold Dark World” – a track that could be easily mistaken as an ode to a bad 1970’s rock song.
So if Weezer continues to make poor music, why do we give in to the bait that allures us to an inevitable flop? It’s because Weezer fans just want another taste of the original recipe.

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