Would You Like Some Groff with That Gravy?

Although Thanksgiving break is the perfect time to stuff yourself with food and use turkey as an excuse to sleep your life away, there is much more to be thankful for than a week of hibernation and leftovers. Musicians from all around the world are meeting up at the Metro in Chicago to pay their tribute to Jeff Buckley’s timeless music, and elsinore’s Ryan Groff will be contributing his voice to the 10th annual tribute concert.
The three-night festival is in tradition of Buckley’s famous 1994 concert at Uncommon Ground in Chicago and is meant to celebrate his much treasured, short-lived career. Ryan Groff is one of just a few talented musicians selected to play at the festival, gracing the event with both his own unique interpretations of Buckley’s songs as well as much of his own material.
Groff’s performance should be enough reason for a pilgrimage to the city, but with the celebration of Jeff Buckley’s music and a good night spent at one of the best venues in Wrigleyville, it would be shameful for anyone to turn down such an opportunity. Start your break off right, and meet up with Ryan Groff at the Metro Nov. 18 (Nov. 17 at Uncommon Ground is near-impossible to get dinner reservations/tickets to) for a Thanksgiving of great music and wonderful musicians.

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