In recognition of this weekend’s event, we have put together a little playlist with some of our favorite cover songs. Whether you plan to celebrate today, or stay in like a responsible model citizen, we’ve got you covered with a soundtrack for your day.

1. Tyler Joseph – “Can’t Help Falling in Love”

Tyler Joseph, of twenty one pilots, brings a smile to everyone’s face with this rendition of the late Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. What’s great about this cover is not only the use of the ukulele, but the fact that the chorus is comprised of audiences on his tour. There’s not much to this version, and that’s the best part; everyone is free to appreciate Tyler Joseph’s vocal range and take a few moments to reflect on their day. -Emily Steinmetz

2. Queen – “Jailhouse Rock”

I’ve heard a lot of great classic rock band covers of Elvis, but I think Queen is the only band that does him justice. Instead of going for crazy jams and tediously long guitar solos, Queen manages to keep the fun and exciting qualities of rockabilly with a modern sound (i.e. Brian May’s unique guitar tone). Have fun dancing to this live cover!
-Mateo Muro

3. Our Last Night – “Blank Space”

This song gives the original a new life. Taylor Swift’s overplayed track has been turned into something fresh that makes you want to dance and live instead of stalk your ex on Facebook and look for a rebound. -Cassandra Smith

4. Run-D.M.C. & Aerosmith – “Walk This Way”

Run-D.M.C.’s version of “Walk This Way” could be considered a cover or also an early example of sampling we often see in hip hop today. Regardless, taking Aerosmith’s gravy riff and spinning it with authentic beats makes a sweet combination. It’s the meshing of eras, and two muses combined in one. -Kayla Martinez

5. Poolside – “Harvest Moon”

A Neil Young classic properly covered by Poolside. Poolside is a duo from Los Angeles known for their “daytime disco” music. Neil Young’s original version is folk rock while Poolside’s is chillwave. The styles of music are on opposite ends of the genre spectrum but somehow Poolside makes it work. -Ally Henreid

6. Albert Hammond Jr – “Don’t Think Twice”

Most musicians bold enough to cover Bob Dylan either come out of it with moderate or no success. In this rendition of “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right,” the Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr successfully takes on a more thoughtful, personalized approach. Its eeriness and clever arrangements make it quite distinct from the original. -Brenda Herrera

7. Megan Nicole – “Flashlight”

Megan Nicole makes an acapella cover of Jessie J’s “Flashlight” from Pitch Perfect 2. It’s a really empowering song, since it’s explaining how even in the dark, someone is always there for you. Megan Nicole gives the song a slightly gentler beat by using only her soft voice. -Dorothy Teng

8. Yim Yames – “My Sweet Lord”

Although Yim Yames (aka Jim James of My Morning Jacket) didn’t release his Tribute To solo album of cover songs until 2009, he recorded the George Harrison cover tracks right after the Beatles guitarist’s death in 2001. The whole album is worth checking out, especially for fans of Harrison’s post-Beatles writing, but I’ve always enjoyed this track above the rest. Yim Yames strips away the song’s characteristic guitar riff, instead giving us something much more closely aligned with a lullaby. His gentle crooning is ambient and respectful, a gut-wrenching quiet salute to Harrison. -Claire Schroeder

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