The ethereal Inni

As long as I’ve been listening to music I’ve never really listened to lyrics.  The vocals have always just added rhythm and harmony, but if you asked me the meaning behind most lyrics or what an artist was trying to say, I would have no idea.

When my friend showed me Sigur Rós, a band from Iceland, it was a wonderful listening experience. The band’s lyrics are all in Icelandic, so it all sounded like gibberish: beautiful, beautiful gibberish.  Mixed with the wonderful ethereal sound of the band, it all made for a wonderful combination.

The band’s songs are, on a whole, very anthemic in nature; their songs build towards a “climax” and sound very much like they belong in the soundtrack of a movie; Cameron Crowe, director of Inní, is actually featuring several Sigur Rós songs in his new movie, We Bought a Zoo, and letting the band’s frontman compose the score. The band is known for their somewhat experimental sound including using interesting techniques like bowed guitar.

The music in Inní is everything you could ask for in a live album from this caliber of band. For the most part, the song choice is stellar, playing their well-known songs that you want to hear. They spend some time doing the “Phish” thing and go on extended instrumental breaks, however it does not feel excessive or as though it drags on at all. I have not seen the actual video footage of Cameron Crowe’s documentary, but I can only imagine that it can only make experiencing their music an even greater experience.

WPGU Music Staff Rating: W-P-G-3/4

Key Tracks: “Hoppípolla”, “Svefn-g-Englar”, “Popplagio”.

RIYL: Grizzly Bear, Explosions in the Sky, Arcade Fire.


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