Beauty of Everyday Life Playlist

At this point in our long, unforgiving semester, it’s hard to keep track of the days. Every day just
seems to be consumed by the same monotonous tasks—whether it be school, work, or any
other task that just never seems to have an end. It’s been hard to find anything different or
exciting about the semester, and it can feel very unfulfilling. During times like these, I feel that it
is extremely important to take a step back and appreciate the small moments that make life
worth living. There is more joy to be found in making breakfast, taking walks, watching the
sunset, or other seemingly mundane things than people realize. I made this playlist to help me
appreciate the beauty in simplicity and routine rather than anxiously awaiting the end of the

About Sarah Holland

Sarah Holland is a freshman from Clarendon Hills, Illinois. She is in the LAS Global Studies program. She loves listening to music of all genres (except country), as well as writing music and playing the guitar.

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