Civil Twilight and Mutemath: Review

My impression of Bloomington, Illinois has sky-rocketed because of this experience.
Let me start that over again. Before seeing this show, I had only ever been to the Bloomington Airport….. Don’t get me wrong! It’s a nice airport! But Friday night at The Castle Theatre was one helluva night.

Doors opened at seven, with South African alternative band Civil Twilight taking the stage around eight. These four rockers filled the venue with tangible energy. The crowd was immediately electrified when the guitar riffs to “Fire Escape,” their 2012 hit single, began booming through the amps. They followed this up with an amazing cover of a song by Beck. Just when I thought they couldn’t surprise me anymore, lead singer Andrew McKeller highlighted his beautiful, angel-like falsetto. I was in shock and awe!

Except hold up though. Because Mutemath was next, and they had the absolute craziest light show ever.
I knew we were in for a real treat when the four guys stormed in through the audience. Everyone feverishly parted so they could take the stage. (and I’m pretty sure I saw a girl faint when they walked by! But don’t quote me on that.) The group sounded a little jazzier live than I imagined they would, and hits like “Blood Pressure” and “Spotlight” got the whole crowd raving, jumping and clapping.
Unfortunately, I eventually could not keep my eyes open anymore! The florescent, wild light show was too much for my eyes. (I know, I know …. I’m so lame.) I guess I must be more sensitive to light than most, though, because everyone else was looking on happily and having an amazing time.
Mutemath closed the evening by having lead singer Paul Meany perform in the audience. Fans were excitedly swarming him, shaking his hands and even giving him hugs.

Despite having (apparently) pathetic eyeballs, I have an amazing time at the Castle Theatre. I can say with certainty that this was one of the most audience-interactive shows I have ever been to. The bands were wild, but the audience was even wilder. It was a damn amazing night in Bloomington, Illinois.

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