Contemporary Punk Playlist

The current landscape of punk is a far cry from what it once was in the late ’70s. With the advent of countless sub-genres breaking into the scene and the progression of production techniques, punk has never looked so alien. But, for as disparate the array of styles are, the ideological roots still grasp the same anchors of rebellion and self-expression. In order to help navigate this crazy new geography, I’ve assembled a playlist of punk songs from the last 10 years that display how punk has taken to a plethora of unique voices. Enjoy finding the songs you love and love to hate.

About Ryan Davila

Ryan is a geology major hailing from the exotic city of Berwyn, IL. Armed with a serious love of the loud and lo-fi, as well as having nothing to lose, Ryan attends basement shows every weekend. When the week rolls around, you can always find Ryan listening to a new album a day on his Spotify.

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