Kid Cudi: Leader of the Delinquents

A solo track for the first time in four years marks Kid Cudi’s return with Leader Of The Delinquents. With his last release being his 2018 collaboration with Kanye West – KIDS SEE GHOSTS, it’s been somewhat of a hiatus for the artist. This sudden solo song is not entirely new, first being teased in 2012, accompanied by Cudi breaking news last year of working on a forthcoming album, Entergalactic. It is more than just a return to hip-hop, but a return to his early sounds not so often heard in his most recent work. 

Traces of his 2008 mixtape A Kid Named Cudi are heard within this release, with Cudi taking a more bars-focused approach to his songwriting, straying from the heavy instrumental and alternative beats found in albums Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ and Indicud. Those familiar with his sound know he has never strictly followed the limitations of rap, gaining a reputation of authenticity for never being scared to show his vulnerability. A common theme Cudi has cultivated through his years of music is singing about his loneliness and depression, a theme relatable to the outcast generation that elected him as their inspiration not only for rap but for life. Rapping about overcoming the psychological turmoil every one of us experiences is a staple of Cudi’s music, but often supplemented with a melody to complement his voice. Leader Of The Delinquents is stripped down to nothing but verses and a beat, a remembrance of the artist’s premature days before fame. Opening the song with his typical humming found in other tracks, the first line is “Hello friends, Cudder again/ Gotta smack ‘em with some s*** before the world ends”, a timely coincidence considering the current state of the world. Nonetheless, his return gifts his followers with a track to play on repeat while they wait for the upcoming music and projects. 

Leader Of The Delinquents is a peek into Cudi’s musical progress, a well-composed track showcasing what he does best. His raps are always relatable, an honest reflection of that inner world we sometimes struggle to deal with, a quality which has made Cudi’s genuine character shine amongst all others. It is a graceful return, letting the world know he isn’t done experimenting with his music and mind just yet. 

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