[Punch It Records]
After listening to Chicago-based band Counterpunch’s self-titled debut album, the best way I can think of describing them is “damn catchy.” The first track, “Team Player,” has a lengthy opening of distortion, but goes straight into punk rock backed with strong vocals and fast, melodic music. The vocals are clean, the music is likable, and the songs are not too drawn out or repetitive like many punk or pop-punk songs tend to be.
There is enough variety in the structure of the tracks to keep listeners interested throughout the album, too. Their hardcore/punk roots show through on some of the songs on I Will Knock You Off the Face of Hardcore, with intense choruses and fast-paced music, whereas other tracks like “Seventeen” and “Mr. Right” are more pop-sounding and bound to get stuck in your head.
Counterpunch’s songs are pretty straightforward, with titles like “An Idiot’s Guide to Being an Asshole.” Their lyrics deal with issues many guys in their mid-to-late 20s have dealt with at some point or another, from fitting in, substance abuse, a corrupt system, betrayal, and liars to, of course, women. The lyrics range from the light-hearted “I’m not Mr. Right, but I’ll settle for Mr. Right now” to the more serious “I’ll be braiding my own noose.”
If you enjoy No Use For A Name and Lagwagon or Chicago pop-punk like Ryan’s Hope and Fall Out Boy, take a chance on Counterpunch.

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