Get Filled In About The Forms

“I was just listening to this Dismemberment Plan song where the lyrics talk about kids going to concerts and dancing while standing still,” Alex Tween recalls, confidently rehearsing the lyrics: “It’s a sensation across the entire nation/a hundred million kids all dancing in suspended animation.’”
While quoting Travis Morrison in an attempt to describe what his concerts are not, Alex Tween of the The Forms may appear to be just as elusive and indirect as any newfound artist, crawling out of the caves of Brooklyn to finally reveal the sounds he and his band have been working on the for the past year. Alex admits that due to the name of the band, The Forms remain obscured online, shrouded by Google hits of IRS, complaint, and copyright forms rather than links to receptive reviews of their newly released album of the same name. But this, of course, was not Alex’s intent. In fact, once you get past Alex’s cricked, complex, and asymmetrical songwriting, it is pretty easy to see how straightforward and honest of a guy he really is.
“Yeah, some might refer to our music as math rock because of our crazy time signatures and experimentation, but really, we just do the rhythm; we don’t think about it,” Alex explained. “We don’t want to experiment with music in the intellectual way because it gets to be a detached, boring, scientific experiment.”
Rather, Alex and his bandmates merely play music that “makes them feel something,” excusing their abstract and complex songwriting as natural. Alex’s modest nature persists as he further explains the inaccessibility of his band on the Internet.
“We want the focus to be on the music.” Alex says. “By having pictures of all the members of the band on the album cover and having a flashy site, it can take away from the music which is the most important part.”
And The Forms insist on this while on stage. While concentrating on delivering their sound to the audience, Alex admits that there will not be much spectacle at their shows.
“We won’t have twenty people on stage,” Alex says. “We won’t play some random, exotic instrument to get your attention. It’s about the music and that is what we will excel at.”
With their priorities straight and their popularity rising, the future is bright for The Forms. Be sure to check them out at the Pulsar47 CD release party on November 9 at Cowboy Monkey.

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