Monday Mixer



For this Monday’s mixer, I decided to forgo a standard theme and instead perused my “Recently Played” in iTunes. From there, I tried to select an eclectic list of songs that I thought people should hear. They are not all hidden gems, nor are they all popular hits. My hope is that there is something new as well as something familiar for everyone who cares to listen to these ten songs.

1 – Ready Or Not- The Fugees

Here’s an example of Lauren Hill’s greatness. Her singing is obviously on point and she’s got a decent rap verse in here as well. Also, great use of an Enya sample.

2 – Just From Chevron- Dirty Projectors

If this song was more of the girls and the clapping and the guitar diddle and a little less of David Longstreth’s weirdness, maybe I’d like it more. I’ll hand it to him that he adds something to the song. The ladies just sound too good by themselves here.

3 – How Come- Ray Lamontagne

Everyone knows “Trouble” from his first album, but this song is my favorite off of it. It’s much more rockin’ than most of his stuff and I just love the guitar.

4 – Basic Space- The xx

A strange song, no doubt. What makes me like it so much is that it leaves me hanging throughout the entire song wanting something more. And then the incredibly simple guitar solo at the end turns out to be exactly what I craved.

5 – Exit- R. Kelly

Kellz. He’s the king of R&B. Never question his greatness. Here is an unknown gem off of one his more recent albums that showcases his range quite well.

6 – Dear God (Sincerely, M.O.F.)- Monsters of Folk

This is a kind of trippy tune that actually asks some pretty good questions of God that I would also like the answers to. Hey MOF, let me cosign your note.

7 – How Many Drinks?- Miguel

Back to R&B, yet this is from more of a babe-in-woods when it comes to the realm of rhythm and blues when compared with R. Kelly. Nevertheless, it’s a very catchy seduction song. However, the chorus can definitely come off as a bit creepy.

8 – Kandi- One eskimO

A great song about a guy getting cheated on and having to hear his bitch of a girlfriend tell him about how the dude called her “baby” all night long. Her name is Kandi, he had to see this coming, right?

9 – The Wolves- Ben Howard

Ben Howard is one of my favorite Brits and I love his album “Every Kingdom.” He maybe didn’t have to hoot like a wolf to start the song, but it’s a great song no matter what.

10 – Kiss This Thing Goodbye- Del Amitri

Here’s a song from before I was born to finish us off. An alternative rock song with a country twang and performed by Scottish guys sounds interesting, but it’s a classic in my book. However, don’t actually watch the video, just listen.

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