Names I Wish Were Mine Because of These Songs

There is no greater show of affection than when someone writes a song for someone else.  It’s romantic, personal, everlasting and the pinnacle of grand gestures – if you get it right. These following songs got that right – so right, in fact, that I would gladly change my name to any one of those below to simply pretend the songs were written about me. In the playlist attached below, I have compiled a list of songs written for and titled after people, songs that make you wish they were about you and make you pine for the day someone writes you one.  

Here are some highlights on the playlist to get you started: 

Natalie” by Hunny 

An in-your-face ode to a girl that gets your heartbeat rising. The song is from Hunny’s album, Pain/Ache/Loving. Like most of their music, “Natalie” is the perfect song for a summer day, and makes you wish you were as seemingly captivating as the girl in the song.

“Jane” by LAUNDRY DAY 

Slower paced and smooth, “Jane” by Laundry Day will make you forget Delilah  (“Hey There Delilah”) and wish you were Jane. Laundry Day’s song is the perfect romantic song for those in the mood to envy a girl you don’t even know. 

“Georgia” Vance Joy

My name is nowhere near Georgia, but if it was and I heard this song, I don’t think I  would recover. Vance Joy, most widely known for “Riptide”, also includes “Georgia” on the same album, Dream Your Life Away, a beautiful love song that hits every single time. 

For more songs like these, the playlist “Names I wish Were Mine Because of These  Songs” is attached below. 

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