One Last Nostalgic Playlist

I’ve been with WPGU for over two years, which has led me to publish over 40 reviews and playlists over the span of that time. As graduation quickly arrives, so does my last post with WPGU. Being the most nostalgic person ever, I made one last playlist that captures a tiny piece of everything I’ve written about here. Songs from albums I reviewed and from playlists I made for the station are compiled onto this playlist, making it very long but very comprehensive. Writing about music and putting together playlists for people to listen to has been one of my favorite parts of college. I’m so grateful for the people I met at WPGU and for everyone who has supported my writing during this time! Get nostalgic with me one last time by giving this one a listen.

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Paige's interests include and are pretty much limited to listening to music, making awful puns and drinking copious amounts of coffee. When she's not discovering new tunes or listening to the same album for the 146th time, you can catch her barista-ing at Espresso Royale or making obscure New Girl references.

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