Quarantunes Playlist

As life continues to be weird, I’ve at least been happy to see all the music coming out. I’ve also been happy to keep up with the music coming out since I have a lot more free time. With that being said, I have also wanted to stick to a lot of my favorites–you know, comfort music that you always feel good about returning to. I am enjoying new stuff like the new Strokes album, along with some of my comfort tunes, like The Walters. So, without further ado, I made a playlist of the new and old tunes that have been keeping me company during quarantine–my “quarantunes,” if you will (I am so sorry for that pun). I hope it keeps you company, too.

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Paige's interests include and are pretty much limited to listening to music, making awful puns and drinking copious amounts of coffee. When she's not discovering new tunes or listening to the same album for the 146th time, you can catch her barista-ing at Espresso Royale or making obscure New Girl references.

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