U.S. Girls: Santa Stay Home

If you are at all on social media, you have noticed a sudden popularity in cancel culture present on staple apps such as Twitter and Instagram. At this rate, you might be asking yourself “who’s next?” Well, according to U.S. Girls, Santa Claus is. 

On their latest single, “Santa Stay Home,” U.S. Girls, led by Meghan Remy, provide a multitude of reasons why Father Christmas should stay in the North Pole instead of making his impossible trek of delivering presents to all the children of the world. 

Opening the holiday tune with the immediate punch of “While landfills overflow/ Around the globe/ You sit there in your/ Red judge robe,” you know that the song has not come to mess around. After the slow, but impactful, opening, the percussion kicks in, revealing a groovy holiday-esque beat that is far more interesting than any holiday song production heard in several years. U.S. Girls continue to rain down blow after blow against Kris Kringle and his neglect of issues around the world, singing “How ’bout we leave the trees in the ground, yeah/ Not cut them down just to throw them out.” Using this line and many others throughout the song, U.S. Girls successfully showcase why Santa Claus and the Christmas season is not all that is is cracked up to be. This flip of a typical Christmas song makes “Santa Stay Home” one of the most compelling holiday songs out there. 

The entire song is not a complete rip of the holiday season, however. “Santa Stay Home” provides hope for the listener, with “Life is the gift/ Presents don’t, presents don’t mean shit.” While it may seem that many of the issues facing our world today are irreversible, U.S. Girls urges us to take action to make every day count. After all, life is a gift, one not provided by Santa Claus.

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