WPGU at Home: Natalia Fic

Today we Have Natalia Fic, who was nominated by Theo Rosenberg.

Name: Natalia Fic 

Major: Psychology and Spanish 

Year: Junior

Department(s) in WPGU: On-Air and Web Writing

Years in WPGU: 2

Where you’re quarantining: NW suburbs 

What are you listening to?: Mostly hip hop. J Dilla’s production is on repeat-Slum Village, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest. 

What are you reading?: Just finished reading the autobiography of Malcolm X. 

What are you watching?: Couldn’t decide on a show so I’ve been watching movies. Last one I watched was Stand and Deliver. 

First thing you’ll do when quarantine is over?: See KAYTRANADA live. 

Favorite way to social distance?: Biking and jamming to music.  

Who do you want to hear from next?: Gabe Vara

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